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Need local man


I plan to start a real estate business in the UAE. I need a local person who can find out some information. It will be necessary to call several organizations and also send me sample documents. 

Mathias 13 May 2020 50 $ USD Reply

Change website to Wordpress

I am looking for someone to change my website to wordpress and design it. I already have the website. 



Hala 23 March 2020 payment by agreement Reply

Wanted to develop a classified website

я хотел построить пользовательский сайт похожий на khaleejlistcom с системой торгов и временем истечения срока действия...также хочу такой же мобильный дизайн, как и у этого сайта...

joemalik 22 March 2020 payment by agreement Only for PRO Reply
15 Feb 2020
payment by agreement

YouTube video making


I need someone who will help me record videos and edit them to be posted to YouTube 

I reqire high quality videos 

and I need someone who has graphic design experience as well 



Almur 15 February 2020 payment by agreement Reply

Website Developer & Designer

We have a website that needs to be updated and restructured. The website is been creates with: „Javascript“ Language, with the User Interface Library „React“ and Node.js is used for both Front- and

Mona El Baz 12 February 2020 payment by agreement Reply

I need 5,000 real followers on my account in Instagram

My account is interesting, but we need to market our selfs.

SMH1985 11 February 2020 10 $ USD Reply

Video Editor

I need someone to work with my husband on his learning course. Video editing, graphic designer and the like

andiwhatandiwho 10 February 2020 10 $ USD Reply
30 Jan 2020
payment by agreement

Social Media Marketing

I would like someone to setup my Snapchat, Instagram, facebook, Google ads for my company ASAP.

aviator 30 January 2020 payment by agreement Reply

Business website development needed

<p>We are a business consultancy startup looking for someone who could build us a professional functional website which could be handy for online marketing.</p>

<p>4 page max with contact forum </p>
Ajbj 23 January 2020 payment by agreement Reply
22 Jan 2020
payment by agreement


I am in process of starting a new business in UAE and I need a fashion designer to design local Abaya and simple dresses. 

To start up.. I need around 40-50 designs for Abaya.. & 20 designes for

Samah02 22 January 2020 payment by agreement Reply

Drama content producer/script writer freelancer - TV show

We are looking for a drama content producer/script writer freelancer, for a well know show on well known channel, which is a real estate show. We’re looking for a drama content producer to work

rawan 20 January 2020 1 200 $ USD Reply

Looking for a POS technician or expert / software developer


Мы запускаем стартап на основе финтеха. Мы разработали мобильное приложение, которое занимается физическими квитанциями.

Теперь мы ищем любого хорошего или эксперта в области POS-систем. В

reem 12 January 2020 payment by agreement Reply

Консультация seo-продвижения

Консульция. Поисковая оптимизация сайта. Топ 10

Alexandr Gerz 28 December 2019 15 $ USD Reply

Создание сайта

Необходимо разработать на основе нашего шаблона сайт-многостраничник  для замены существующего сайта-одностраничника. CMS сайта: Wordpress 
Язык сайта: русский.
Сайт должен корректно отображаться в

Alexa Group 25 December 2019 447 $ USD Reply