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Experienced legal experts can apply their existing knowledge and skills to take the plunge for half-time or full-time freelance legal jobs. Many jobs in the law allow freelancing. More and more lawyers, paralegal assistants, law clerks and students and others choose freelance to provide their legal services. The freelance job is taken as something appealing and inspirational. It lets people to spend their life outside of the law responsibilities. Those who thought that they would be office-bound forever select the style of work with the clients that is agreed with their skills and goals and the conditions of work they want to have. They are free to choose work at home, at client’s place or even in a café. Such situation is convenient for clients as well. The flexibility of lawyers allows getting them actually at any time they are required and rates for services are lower than law companies offer traditionally. To start legal practice you should have proper education degree, certificates or licensing. For promotion of your services it’s better to create website that provides information about you and your services to potential customers. You can choose your freelance legal career according to your skills. There are plenty of freelance jobs to be chosen like virtual secretaries, legal assistants who can assist attorneys in legal services, court reporters, nurse paralegals who assist attorneys on medical-legal issues, legal interpreters and jobs for students who study the law. Legal assistance means clerical jobs, management of documents, administrative jobs. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. You don’t have friendly relations and communication like in office, and freelancing does not guarantee that you will be loaded with work, and it means that no work-no money.