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Engineering and architecture professionals are main persons in planning and designing of buildings, constructions and installations like highways, bridges and plants. Both architects and engineers account for assuring the quality and safety of the constructions. Freelance websites offer a lot of engineering and architecture job opportunities from simple to complex projects. It’s a good chance for starting your freelance career from easy projects. You will compete with people who can offer lower rates so you should be very active and watchful not to lose your job opportunity. It’s an excellent way to create your portfolio and find new clients. Most companies prefer to hire a remote specialist for the period of project and search freelancers through online platforms. The responsibilities of a freelancing architecture involve ability to cooperate with a construction team and junior specialists to construct commercial and residential objects. Working on some projects can require visiting sites and to be on business-trips sometimes. Being a good architect demands mastering of certain skills. You should success in designing and implementing, mathematics, art and design, etc. Such abilities as to take decisions, to solve complex problems, to think critically, to be self-motivated and so on are needed. Engineering is a quite broad sphere where you can choose any direction you like: mechanical, civil, electrical, architectural, chemical, traffic and so on. And it does not mean you should be a full-time office worker, freelancing offers a great number of attractive projects. Freelance engineering requires degree or certification. Skills and knowledge in CAD software, computer software for development of designs, complex calculations, and management of project budgets are required.