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Real estate is an exceptional way to collect revenue being at home. Most part of real estate agents has a home workplace. With the help of computer, internet, phone and fax a freelance real estate jobs are possible. Home-work business is a good way to spend more time with family, enjoying flexible work schedule and free time. But home-work business has advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of a real estate agent is to appraise and shape the cost of property. Realty should be assessed for different real estate transactions. Also real estate agent consultation is required in matters of real estate investing and other questions related to the property sale. Real estate services involve verifying property records, measuring property living space, and counting the property cost. For becoming a freelance real estate specialist you should have corresponding license or certification. A necessary qualification for this job is very important and can be acquired at special training and courses. The clients prefer to hire agents with corresponding education and knowledge. Such individuals are credible and reliable. If you hold an interest in a home-work real estate business you should do some examples of your work to introduce yourself and demonstrate your reliability and competence. Organization skills will be required to deal with a quantity of customers in different phases of property transactions. Good communication skills are essential for a real estate specialist. While working as a real estate freelancer, you must have and develop verbal skills and skills in listening, to be able to deal well with different people through talkative skills. Network is very important for development of contacts with potential customers, with companies and investors to be at the top of list of reliable real estate agents.