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Need a freelancer to create and design a marketing email using mail de

I need a creative freelancer who can create and design a full marketing email with pics and videos ( will be provided by me)

Thank you.

SMB 29 May 2018 payment by agreement Only for PRO Reply

ERP (accounting ,sales, purchase, inventory,cheque management) ,POS, R

We are looking for a commission based free lancer marketing executive.

iSquare 8 April 2018 payment by agreement Reply

Interior Design Products Sales

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We are in need of an Interior Design Freelancer with the competency and expertise in Business Development & Sales, responsible for elevating our brand and creating new business

Adel 6 April 2018 payment by agreement Reply

A professional freelancer can find job in marketing anywhere as any business needs marketing. Freelance and marketing are connected tightly. Now companies are looking for remote specialists as well as for full-time ones and freelance marketing jobs can be done at home or at customer’s office while your services are required for a project. Freelancers provide services independently and work with clients who need their services temporarily. It is possible to provide marketing services to some clients at one time. To become a successful freelancer in marketing one should have a proper education and professional qualifications, the excellent knowledge of the marketing field and to be able to fulfill a lot of responsibilities and duties. The duties are to be fulfilled every day. You should understand clients’ requirements and offer the best advice or solutions for marketing of product or services. The main duty is to study a market and make analysis for client and to provide an essential consultancy. Also, some duties include building of company brand using various marketing methods, advertising media such as newspapers and television and others. The main goal of freelance marketing is to increase sales of customer’s services or product. Except of education and qualifications one will need to develop a lot of skills so to have success in freelance marketing jobs. The most required skills are skills in marketing, advertising and sales, knowledge of promotional techniques and online marketing methods. Excellent communication skills are needed for effective communication and cooperation with clients, to be able to meet clients’ expectations. Besides, ability to be a good consultant is needed. Marketing is a critical need to any kind of business and so there is a great demand for freelance marketers. But it is necessary to remember that there are a lot of available candidates and it may be challenge for you to build your own brand and to have success in this field. It is very essential to create a portfolio with your practical skills and strong points for application to companies and online freelance positions.