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With the development of computer technologies those who have computer science knowledge and skills will be always in demand. A good computer technician who is intelligent in hardware and software can find job without problems. At present, you should not work for one employer for years. In place, you can be freelancer providing technical services for different companies thus making more money. A lot of companies become flexible expanding its business geographically and capturing new markets abroad. The company’s computer network is expanding too and getting more complicated in maintenance and protection. So freelancer can provide remote administrative and technical services. Some technicians can also provide technical service to electronic equipment and components such as scanners, printers and monitors. Computer repair involves diagnostic, debugging, troubleshooting and removal of software faults such as blue screen and others. Maintenance means update of drivers and software, virus, freeware and scumware removal, general cleanup. Installation and repair of computer equipment gives you the opportunity to work in a broad range of technical services. Proper education and certification can offer you the necessary skills to be specialist in the certain computer area that you are interested in. To have degree in electronics is advisable. Telecommunication systems are also the area where freelance services can be offered. The cable technician installs a cable, repairs and upgrades the system. The usual responsibilities are to install, replace, detect cable faults and inspect cable at the customer’s place. One should be able to work with tools for cable installation and maintain the equipment.