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7 Oct 2020
60 $ USD

Require self shot head and face movement videos

<p>We require self shot videos of head and face movements of 5 second duration each from various people belonging to different age groups from the Middle East region.</p>

<p>With Face Mask - (5sec - 8 Videos)<br />
Without Mask - (5sec - 9 Videos) </p>

<p>We need a set of 6 people by the following age group.<br />
18-29 - 2 people 1 male &amp; 1 female<br />
30-59 - 2 people 1 male &amp; 1 Female<br />
60+ - 2 People  1 male 1 female</p>

<p><br />
These are to be shot by smartphone. No fancy DSLR should be used. These can be done from home so no need to go out during these dangerous covid -19 times.</p>

<p>The exact nature of the job and necessary instructions will be forwarded once you get in touch with us.</p>

<p><br />
Disclaimer: Any and all contents sourced will be used strictly for research purposes only and in ways that will not reveal personal identification<br />
of any individual person. The clips will not be used towards any type of business development, marketing or promotional purposes.</p>

India Maharashtra

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