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If you know one or more foreign languages this gives you a great opportunity to get work to be done at home, such as tutoring, online teaching, localization of websites, interpretation, editing, translation and more. Certainly, every of these works require special skills besides of language capabilities. Mostly all translation assignments are performed by freelance translators. Many companies engage freelance translators as employees. Websites offering freelance translation jobs are a good place to get experience in translation and start freelance career, because here you can communicate with people who are looking for services which offered by you. Freelance translation jobs are not just things that you can do in your leisure time to earn some money. If you want it to make it as your career then you should devote time and energy into development of skills. It’s impossible to be a translator only because you can speak foreign language well. You need translation practice and experience and full understanding of the subject you translate in the source and target languages. To be a successful freelance translator you should have excellent skills in writing and know grammar well, your translation must sound natural. Your skills in comprehension should be perfect so you could understand original texts. If you don’t have any background on the issue you are ordered it’s better to refuse. Translate things which you’re knowledgeable about. If you provide high-quality services, your customers will trust and make you a permanent service provider. Freelance translator as against full-time translators has to make efforts for search of orders and promotion of his own services. Without undertaken actions in marketing you will train far behind because translation agencies are the main competitors here.