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Website development

I need the website designed from scratch. 

AlinaA 10 January 2021 payment by agreement Reply

Creating business platform

Creating a business platform for student tutoring/online training courses(live and recorded) hosted by trainers and presenters. Technical support from A to Z is required,

ahmadnissa 19 December 2020 3 000 $ USD Reply

Web design and development

Designing and developing the company website, branding, marketing, pics, videos,,,etc.

ahmadnissa 19 December 2020 100 $ USD Reply

Website upgrade

We are looking at upgrading and revamping our website

Ken 21 August 2020 1 000 $ USD Reply

Redesigning of classified website and Marketing

Hi there,

We would like to hire a freelancer for redesigning our classified website and to work on increasing the web traffic on monthly payment basis.

Jeena Sanoj 14 July 2020 payment by agreement Reply

designing and web development

<p>Looking for designer and web developer to develop a company branding, website, merketing related desgins ..etc</p>

<p>its a small startup business.</p>
eyadtaha 27 June 2020 100 $ USD Reply

Change website to Wordpress

I am looking for someone to change my website to wordpress and design it. I already have the website. 



Hala 23 March 2020 payment by agreement Reply

Wanted to develop a classified website

я хотел построить пользовательский сайт похожий на khaleejlistcom с системой торгов и временем истечения срока действия...также хочу такой же мобильный дизайн, как и у этого сайта...

joemalik 22 March 2020 payment by agreement Only for PRO Reply

Website Developer & Designer

We have a website that needs to be updated and restructured. The website is been creates with: „Javascript“ Language, with the User Interface Library „React“ and Node.js is used for both Front- and

Mona El Baz 12 February 2020 payment by agreement Reply

Business website development needed

<p>We are a business consultancy startup looking for someone who could build us a professional functional website which could be handy for online marketing.</p>

<p>4 page max with contact forum </p>
Ajbj 23 January 2020 payment by agreement Reply

Looking for a POS technician or expert / software developer


Мы запускаем стартап на основе финтеха. Мы разработали мобильное приложение, которое занимается физическими квитанциями.

Теперь мы ищем любого хорошего или эксперта в области POS-систем. В

reem 12 January 2020 payment by agreement Reply

Консультация seo-продвижения

Консульция. Поисковая оптимизация сайта. Топ 10 Google.ae

Alexandr Gerz 28 December 2019 15 $ USD Reply

Создание сайта

Необходимо разработать на основе нашего шаблона сайт-многостраничник  для замены существующего сайта-одностраничника. CMS сайта: Wordpress 
Язык сайта: русский.
Сайт должен корректно отображаться в

Alexa Group 25 December 2019 447 $ USD Reply

Any kind of soft development needs an individual approach. At present more people become dependent on mobile applications. That is why mobile applications development is getting essential and popular and thus software developers are demanded on the labor-market. Software developer should actively improve his skills, learn and adapt to the changing trends and new technologies, have analytical thinking and skills for problem solving. The main goal is to develop software application correctly and user-friendly. A lot of internet resources are available which can simplify and speed up the development process. Improve JavaScript and CSS code. You must be able to analyze your code or others. You should learn all main possibilities of JavaScript and to use them to be in a great demand as a web-developer and to be the best. Then start working with advanced resources of the language. If you learn a particular programming language well, it won’t be difficult to transit to a new one. For software development it is absolutely important to know well algorithms and data structures. At present more and more websites are used on mobile devices. That’s why websites should be adopted to them. It’s essential to become familiar with Responsive Web Design, RWD and learn the most useful JavaScript MVC frameworks. Mobile software development has some principal stages like designing, development, testing and handing over similar to web development but needs special technologies. There are different operating systems for mobile devices (for example, Android and iOS) and each of them needs its own software application development. Depending on the task mobile application can be connected with any social network and website.