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26 Mar 2021
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Instagram account

Hello need a professional photographer to manage cafe account 

what need to be done: 

account management.

12 photos 

3 highlight videos 

4 graphic design post

2 GIF  




Salehalefari 26 March 2021 payment by agreement Only for PRO Reply

Require self shot head and face movement videos

<p>We require self shot videos of head and face movements of 5 second duration each from various people belonging to different age groups from the Middle East region.</p>

<p>With Face Mask - (5sec -
abhijeetshingte 7 October 2020 60 $ USD Reply
17 Sep 2020
payment by agreement

pet photographer

Hi I am looking for pet photographer who take high quality photos of my cats and who also have his own backdrop and lights equitments . also can work with video and editing Mac Adobephoto shop or

Katty 17 September 2020 payment by agreement Reply
15 Feb 2020
payment by agreement

YouTube video making


I need someone who will help me record videos and edit them to be posted to YouTube 

I reqire high quality videos 

and I need someone who has graphic design experience as well 



Almur 15 February 2020 payment by agreement Reply

I need 5,000 real followers on my account in Instagram

My account is interesting, but we need to market our selfs.

SMH1985 11 February 2020 10 $ USD Reply

Video Editor

I need someone to work with my husband on his learning course. Video editing, graphic designer and the like

andiwhatandiwho 10 February 2020 10 $ USD Reply

Nowadays photo and video services are very popular. Services of a professional photographer or videographer are in demand when it’s necessary to catch the important life moments, to get photos for documents, advertising photos, photo editing and plenty of other situations. The modern digital and video cameras give big opportunities to users. Sometimes it results in opinion that professional services are not needed, and it is just enough to buy an expensive and high-quality camera. But this is far from the truth: experience, excellent knowledge of theory and the artistic taste are required. Only in that case the photosession or video recording will be successful. The service market presents quite a lot of offers from photographers and videographers. They can be both agencies, and freelance photographers and freelance videographers. When studying the portfolio it is important to pay attention what shooting angel is chosen by master, the depth of colors of the picture, how interesting and artistic the result is. Frankly speaking only some of them can be classified as professionals; rather often these are people who are fond of photographing and work for an additional income. Special skills are required for being a successful professional photographer. The crucial needed skill is to take an incredible photo. This means that the master should know technical possibilities of camera, understand lighting and have an eye to choose the right angle. Artistic possibilities are required for editing of photos. It means he should work perfectly with software for photo-editing. This software allows transforming color format of images from black and white, aged or sepia, to remove flaws, crop photos and so on. And a skill of no small importance is ability to work and communicate, listen to customer, to be patient and to deal with people. The quality of video editing matters as well- it should be uninterrupted, skillful, not boring, and without unnecessary elements. The same requirements apply to the photographer if he makes a photo collage from ready images.