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It is important for homeowners to have their house well-maintained to feel safely and comfortably. Elderly people sometimes need help in maintaining their garden, or performing small household works. There are a lot of different agencies that can offer you services to make your house comfortable, clean and safe for you. If you are not able to afford the cost of agency services and you need help in home maintenance and gardening you can apply for freelance help. Freelance handymen offer extensive low cost services and are skilled in plumbing, carpentry, and work with electrical appliances, painting and roofing. Home maintenance and gardening can be done routine and seasonally. Routine maintenance can include some small issues like replacing light-bulbs, tightening screws, fixing locks, door-bells, stopping a leaky toilet, and some other minor repairs. Also it includes light cleaning as vacuuming, mopping and dusting, changing linen. Seasonal maintenance in spring and autumn include cleaning the bathrooms, toilets and showers, cleaning windows and air-conditioners, fixing sanitary engineering, checking all power appliances and other larger issues. Some works are done out of house as looking for roof damages, missing tiles, ceiling leaking, fence repair and other gardening tasks. Gardening is a service that can be done weekly or monthly or by any schedule as agreed with a customer to keep things tidy and in order. The service means planting, shrub and trees pruning, mowing lawns, grass cutting, and so on. The needs of home can be assessed at any moment, and additional works can be included. Everything will be done for you to enjoy your safe living in your house.