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Model and Advertisement Agencies are always looking for new faces and talented people for different events. Promotion actions can be carried out anytime and anywhere. Different promotional events allow actors and models earning quick cash without long term jobs. The most part of promotion events require skills to deal easily with public and promote the client’s brand according to the scenario. The more promotion events you participate, than more you get experienced. For many roles good-looking, energetic and active models and actors are needed to present services or products. Such event roles like emcee, hostess, promotion model, fashion model and others can be available at exhibitions, promotion actions, and shows of cars, fashion events, and others. To get modelling jobs you will need a fine-featured cute appearance, healthy skin and hair and well-proportioned form. It’s not necessary to take a course of modelling or to have expensive studio photos. You should have a well-groomed appearance and be able to care for it. You will have to spend much time taking care for your appearance. Such aspects of personality as self-assurance, self-reliance, personal leadership are needed. You will need skills to get along with people easily and withstand tiresome days and journeys, to be able to resist criticism, to have skills in business and be able to control your finances. It will be necessary to visit castings with potential customers and agencies not only in your city or country, and abroad as well. You should be ready to have a long and irregular working schedule and to spend a lot of time attending castings. There is a great competition between models and actors for modelling and promotion jobs. A professional portfolio would increase your chances to find job.