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Childcare provider is an inalienable part of the childcare system. It is essential for providers to be professionals in creation of the best environment conditions for growth and development of children. To be well-prepared and qualified it is advisable to have license or certification of babysitting courses and first-aid classes, to know principal child-care obligations and responsibilities. You can visit educational classes or short seminars which teach how to plan activities and deal with children. Also, you can read special books that describe this subject and answer the questions concerning how to take care of babies and children in different situations. Childcare providers are offered a variety of opportunities for their professional education. Babysitters can be part-time and invited for short terms, occasionally, for some especial help. They are perfect for parents who need flexible babysitter. Childcare providers offer services on regular basis according to the schedule of the parents’ presence. The responsibilities depend on the age needs of baby. The main childcare responsibilities are to interact with the children, teach them interesting and funny things and assure that they have a fine time. The baby’s age has a huge importance. Whereas schoolchildren are mostly self-dependent, a child will need your permanent help and attention. You must be well-prepared because babies totally depend on you. You must not leave children alone for whatever reason even for a minute. Of course, children are innocent, but sometimes they are not easy to deal with. And the reasons for this can be: curiosity, impatience, age changes, learning the surrounding, etc. To handle children effectively the certain knowledge and skills are required. Some of them are: love and care for children, positive thinking, a huge volume of patience, creativity, communication skills with children, child’s psychology peculiarities, etc.