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If you plan to start a successful career of a freelance consultant, then you need to choose a sector in which you have the most experience and expertise. Consulting services suppose consultative, strategic and planning work. Usually engineering, designing and writing are not related to these services. There are sectors for freelancers where they can provide active consulting. For example, financial and manufacturing services are currently short of skills. The varieties of jobs where freelancers can do independent consulting are as following: business development consultant, analytical work, financial projects, market research and strategy, project management, talent sourcing specialist, technical implementation consulting and others. For attraction of clients to your consulting services you should have a strong profile and build up a professional platform like a website. The competition can be high, but the projects are interesting and profitable. Self-motivation is needed to do a great job to generate business and move forward, even if sometimes you are ready to give up. Being a freelance accountant is a good opportunity to obtain quick promotion and move ahead. Freelance accounting manages the client's financial matters. Usually, freelance bookkeeper is hired by small companies because they are not able to afford to take a full-time accountant on the staff or their cash flow is small so there’s no need to have a permanent accountant. Freelance bookkeeper is responsible for control, examination and registration of the client's monetary operations. Due to the flexibility in time you will have a chance to offer your accounting services to more than one client. Accounting services offered to clients can be different: receivables, payables, bank reconciliation, account reconciliation, payroll accounting, financial reports, etc.