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Hello everyone!

I'm Indranil Chowdhury, an Indian Classical Musician & Live Performer from India. I have performed both nationally & internationally in countries like Singapore, Thailand, etc.. I

INDRANIL CHOWDHURY 4 September 2020 50 $ USD Reply

Private lessons are educational assistance provided to pupils, students and adults. As a private tutor you can improve pupils’ writing and reading skills, and math. Help with foreign languages, mathematics, music, liberal arts and others may be provided to students. Adults may be taught to foreign languages, literacy and other subjects. Private lessons are a kind of self-employment and you may start your own tutor business. Also, you can be hired by a company which provides services in tutoring. It is possible for you to work at your home, to travel to student’s place or to have private lessons whenever it’s convenient for you and your students. The tutor must be an eager and responsive person. He should understand that he takes a full responsibility for his students’ education, be ready to help and to try new methods. The main aim of private lessons is to improve students’ skills and knowledge in a required subject. This work includes preparation of teaching materials for private lessons taking into account learning needs of students, assigning homework, preparation of tests, and evaluation of students’ success and discussing results with students and their parents. Freelance tutor should have College or University degree and a sufficient work experience. As a private lesson tutor you should know syllabus and expectable results of studying for different levels of grade. It is essential to follow all changes in educational program and update your knowledge in theory, resources and practice, to use various means for presentation and explanation of teaching material, to motivate and inspire students. It is essential to love learning and to help others enlarge their outlook, to have sense of humor and to be easy to deal with.