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Sometimes it can be more reasonable and convenient to use courier services rather than sending a parcel by post. There are many cases when it is not convenient for you to deliver a package by yourself. Couriers’ duties can differ from delivering documents to parcels, packages, food and many other things from one addressee to another no matter what the distance is. The reasons to arrange courier can be different. For example, you can be short of time to transport a package by yourself, it can be bulky and heavy, or that’s no sense for you to go somewhere so far. Hiring the courier for doing all the legwork for you is a solution of a problem. At present people more and more prefer online shopping whether this food, clothing or household appliances, and if a shop doesn’t offer delivery service, you can hire courier to get this item to you without taking it away by yourself. On the other hand, if you are a seller you can arrange a constant team of couriers for delivery thus improving your business. When it happens that your package is bulky and heavy, and it is not possible for you to lift it and transport in your car, the simplest way is to call a delivery service with a proper car. Couriers are flexible and available for 24 hours when necessary, their work is convenient, fast, cheap and reliable. You can be sure that all your items are in safe hands and will be delivered in good time. Couriers have a good feeling of direction and know the city well avoiding the traffic jams. You can meet couriers using a vehicle, walking or riding a bike or motorcycle. Freelance courier is very profitable. You can find here a low-cost and professional courier service and save you budget. For anything larger than a parcel, it can be more convenient and better value to arrange courier services rather than to send something in the post. There are many occasions where it is inconvenient to transport or pick up an item yourself, and where you might prefer to consider arranging an expert courier to do the legwork for you. It might be an item that is too heavy or too bulky to move yourself, or you might need to send something somewhere that’s too far for you to travel without using up a lot of your time and fuel costs. Whatever the reason, Shiply is here to help you find a low-cost and reliable courier service. Shiply has helped millions of people move their items since 2008 across the United Kingdom and Europe. Local collection only - if you’ve bought a second hand item online that is local collection only or need to have an item brought to you from a distant location, like a shop that doesn’t offer delivery, you can use a courier to get the item delivered to you without having to collect it yourself. If you’re a seller, you might find it more convenient to use Shiply to deliver items rather than have an in-house team to make occasional or irregular journeys. Heavy/bulky items - if you need to get a large, awkward or heavy item somewhere, it’s not always possible to fit it in your car (if you have one). When a situation like this happens it can be much easier to find a professional and affordable transport company on Shiply to make the delivery and do the heavy lifting for you. Safe handling - you’ll know your item is in safe hands without having to blow your budget. Check all the insurances of the transport providers before accepting a quote so you know your item will get safely from A to B, and that you’re covered in the very unlikely event that it doesn’t. Convenient - If you need something delivered at a certain time when you are not available, for example whilst you’re at work, you might prefer to have the peace of mind that your item will make it on time to its destination without having the stress of having to change your plans, or rushing around last minute to make your deadline.