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22 Jun 2019
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Gift Card

We are looking for a freelance multi-media designer to take over some project work we are doing for one of the UAE's biggest family business conglomerates. We deliver five (5) such campaigns during a typical year.

A typical campaign requires the following:

a.    EDM creation
b.    Store POS A4 design
c.    Seasonal bilingual envelope for gift card design
d.    Social media post (Eng & Arabic separately)
e.    Campaign specific master creative (just one master creative for each campaign)
f.    Campaign specific digital banners (3 sizes each)

We want to hire a multi media graphic designer on an annual contract freelance contract basis. Based in Dubai, he or she will receive a written contract from Leidar MENA committing to work wirh the designer for all client projects for a period of 12 months. Five projects X US$ 800 per project

United Arab Emirates Dubai

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