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18 Dec 2018
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We have warehouse + retail outlet  Need some one to do the following ( in a simple way and inexpensive solution - but quickly)

1. create profile for each and every item we have in warehouse

2. translate profile into barcode

3. print barcode paste bar code on every item we have ( we will buy the hardware required)

4. create profiles for MIS - select existing software in market or new one ( we will buy)

5. MIS to give us inventory ( in out and balance) , accounts P&L balance sheet , debtor credit agieng etc and other usual but simple stuff.

6. all above to be automatically recorded upon scanning of items with bar code in 2 locations- 1.upon entry / exit from warehouse to retail outlet  AND upon sale on retail  outlet

this is short summary. let us know with quotation.

thank you and have a good day.

United Arab Emirates Sharjah

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