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28 Dec 2017
30 $ USD

Accounts Data Entry

<p>We need data entry professionals with basic accounting knowledge. Excellent in typing skills (50wpm) and MS Office skills. Immediate joining.</p>

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<p>Budget is 30$ per day.</p>

United Arab Emirates

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Freelancer UAE, freelance jobs online, services marketplace, freelancers


17.07.2018 17:11

I'm applying regarding the Job-Recruitments you're making right now, with all hope to find a freelancing applicable job offered matching my Capabilities, or even a Part-Timer. This is My Designing Experiences and Portfolio, and Some of my Clients Requirements, As Marlyn's and excel-sheets and Marketing Strategies for Nestle and Mondelez,But these are not the original, for the sake of Customers Privacy, but these are samples of them! And This is my Marketing anf Business CV, Having all my experience i marketing field , As Just didnt Wrote any of my marketing Freelancing work, As I was saving such details for Interviews,however when i contacted your site they advised for writing every experience gained!, So i've been working in the Marketing fielf since 6 years, Even before my Uni, As i had the talent along witb taking Courses, Graphic design certified from Adobe, and Studying International Marketing course along with my Marketing Major, kept me more passionate, As for the Data-entries, I get them all, From my high-school as i Studies IGCSE so i had IT course, I'm so familiar with all tyoes of data entries, and Conversions, I have a Team now too, And trying to make our own sitee, to freelance on a highest professional level. We're ALready Dealing with multinationals as IBM, Nestle, DMG, Muum's Campaign and Marlyn's Marketing Strategy and Promo Videos. On their site. Hope yo hear from you soon..

Budget: 20 to 25 $ USD

Time: 0 hours

Freelancer UAE, freelance jobs online, services marketplace, freelancers
Mahmoud Radi


14.01.2018 15:55

Hello sir I am here Eng Mahmoud Radi to help you , I am very good with ms and also give training courses

Budget: 30 $ USD

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