Accounting Services

Accountant is a specialist whose services are required for any kind of business from self-employed individuals to small and big companies.

Remote cooperation is favorable for the employer, because there is no need to keep a specialist on the payroll, whose services are needed only from time to time.

A freelance Dubai specialist can deliver accounts of several companies at the same time, and they can receive competent assistance and consulting in matters of tax assessment and accounting without an accountant in the staff. Freelancer UAE accountant is able to do some particular work or to solve completely all questions.

If you have a need for a freelance UAE accountant who will be able to take questions on keeping your accounting, delivering reports, you can find it at online job in UAE resources.

Some freelancer Dubai accountants provide services in the development of the accounting policy of the company, cooperation with different government bodies like the Social Insurance Funds or Pension Fund, incorporation and winding-up of the company and so on.