India Maharashtra

Sr. Developer

I'm a Software developer with strong programming skills, developing App and applications for IOS, Android and browsers.
 I've been a full-time developer for 7+ years and have the know-how to see projects through from the planning stages through to completion and deployment.

As well as being strong technically I am a good communicator

My past projects have included applications as well as websites. 
I've worked on a number of chat applications, including video chat and file sharing platforms.
I also have strong backend experience and can work as a php, ASP .NET, C#, java, android, javascript, bootstrap, angularjs, html, wordpress, css, website development, etc
well versed in project management tools and version control software and also have experience deploying projects to various app stores.

I also have experience in C++, Java and HTML5 and have successfully completed projects in those languages.


15 $ USD

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